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Despite the fact that the skin is the only organ you can visualise, touch and smell, dermatological problems are difficult to diagnose and manage. Dermatology – the study of skin diseases is arguably the most demanding discipline in small animal medicine. The skin can only react in a limited number of ways to a whole host of diseases, and as such unravelling the diagnosis is often, likened to an investigation of a crime scene. ie. Diagnosis is made usually by ruling out other possibilities one by one.

Simon Tai


At City Road veterinary centre we are very fortunate to have a Vet that has extra qualifications in veterinary dermatology. Simon Tai gained his RCVS certificate in veterinary dermatology in 1996 and is just one of a handful of vets in the south west that has this qualification.In March 2015, Simon was recognised by the RCVS as an Advanced practitioner in veterinary dermatology- The only vet in Cornwall with this prestigious recognition.

He is just at home diagnosing the simplest of skin problems such as flea allergies as he is with rarer diseases. If your animal needs to see Simon, a 45 minute appointment will initially be made (usually in the morning). During this time a history, clinical examination and basic tests will be undergone. If necessary, your pet may need to stay in a little longer if more involved investigations are required e.g skin biopsies taken or intradermal allergy tests performed.