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At City Road veterinary centre we are most fortunate to have a separate sterile operating theatre, and a dental and Xray suite, all with piped oxygen for general anaesthetics. The dental unit allows us to perform high quality dentistry, ultrasonic descaling and polishing, and includes a high powered drill for tricky tooth extractions.



We are also very fortunate to possess a high frequency Xray machine which allows us to take radiographs of a superior quality. Xrays that we do take are then processed using a digital Xray processor which means that we can view the Xrays and attain a diagnosis seconds after taking them.


We have a state of the art ultrasound scanning machine for those in depth cardiac, thoracic and abdominal medical investigations. It will also allow us to perform pregnancy diagnosis much more accurately than abdominal palpitation alone.

At City Road Veterinary Centre we have our own in-house laboratory which enables us to process many blood, urine and skin samples within minutes. We also utilise external laboratories which allows us to perform more extensive investigations when necessary.


In addition we are able to take blood pressure measurements and take Heart ECG assessments which enables us to diagnose and treat your pets ailments rapidly.

We also have a range of modern hospital and kennel facilities for both cats and dogs where your pet can await treatment such as intravenous fluid therapy and convalesce. We isolate patients where necessary if they have infectious diseases.