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Neutering involves removing the reproductive organs; testicles in the male pet and the ovaries and uterus in females.

We recommend neutering at 4 months of age in Cats, and from 5 months of age in Dogs.

Why spay your bitch or queen?

Bitches and queens have changes in behaviour associated with their ovarian cycles and quite often show considerable discomfort. They also suffer from increased risk of disease such as mammary tumours and potential fatal infections of the uterus. We generally recommend spaying your pet before their first season/ heat.

Why castrate your male pet?

Male pets want to lead and protect the pack. In a domestic situation (home) this can lead to socially unacceptable behaviour such as mounting, dominance and aggression. By castrating dogs we remove the source of the behaviour – testosterone. Castration will not change the personality of your dog, it will simple settle down his male characteristics. Castration will also prevent diseases of the prostate gland and certain tumours. Tom cats will become very aggressive towards other cats and will mark your territory – your home – by spraying urine against walls and furniture and door posts. They are also at risk for straying, and picking up potentially fatal diseases such as FIV and FeLV.