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Prescription medicines

At City Road Veterinary Centre we stock most veterinary medicines that you may need and in particular those that our Veterinary surgeons may prescribe for your pet. We have the expertise to advise you on the safe use and handling of each product. We have also ensured that the product has been stored in the appropriate condition to maintain efficacy. We will advise you about any potential adverse reaction that may result from the use of the product and how to store it correctly.

Alternatively, you may if you wish, ask the Veterinary surgeon to write a prescription so that you can acquire the products elsewhere, but that could result in your pet having to wait before treatment can commence, due to the lack of immediate availability of the drug elsewhere. Please ask the Veterinary surgeon whether this delayed start in treatment could have an adverse affect on your pet.

This practice can also dispense prescriptions that have been issued by other Vets in the UK.

Repeat Prescriptions
If your pet has been prescribed a prescription only medicine (POM-V), you may collect further supplies until an agreed re-examination date. Please give at least 48 hours so that we can have them ready for collection. Practice staff are not permitted to dispense further supplies after the stated re-examination date, unless a Vet has examined your pet and given authorisation. We must remember that our pet’s age up to seven times faster than us humans, so regular checks are invaluable to ensure that you pet remains healthy.

The gap between checks may vary, depending on the POM-V and the patient, from a few days to an absolute maximum of 12 months for flea and worm treatments. The usual interval for most drugs is three months
We would also like to highlight that certain conditions needing continued medication such as heart conditions, Dry Eye, Epilepsy and Diabetes will require other regular monitoring of blood, urine and Schirmer tear testing- whichever is relevant. Long term arthritis medication with NSAIDS will require at least 6 monthly liver and kidney blood testing.

City Road Healthy Pet Club

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