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What are Puppy Parties?

What are Puppy Parties?

Puppy parties are a great way to meet other people who are going through the same exciting phase of life as yourself, the addition of a furry friend to the family! A puppy party involves a group of people and their puppies meeting up and sharing a designated area to learn and play. Veterinary staff will be present throughout the whole meeting, keeping the activity controlled and educational. Besides the thrill of watching multiple puppies play happily together, these social interactions have many benefits which could be useful throughout the extent of your puppies life. 

Social Interaction

Socialisation is a key benefit to these parties. Puppies learn from each other in a similar way that you learnt from friends at nursery and in school. They copy behaviours and traits. It is important to get your puppy socialising with other puppies and dogs from a young age as this encourages normal socialisation and recognition of other dogs as they age. We want to encourage dogs to play and interact with each other pleasantly. It is much easier to teach these lessons to puppies rather than adult dogs. It is important to get your puppy socialising with as many different breeds and varied sized dogs as possible, as this reduces the risk of one bad experience having a memorable effect. We want to develop our puppies into confident adults who are capable of socialising appropriately with both pets and humans. 

Puppy classes are fun! They are a good excuse to make memories with your pet whilst watching them grow up and mature. Most puppies play for so long they extremely tired and sleep afterwards making the rest of your day more peaceful (maybe)!


Familiarisation with the veterinary team is crucial. The more frequently you bring your pet to the vets, the less stressful the experience becomes. If your pet has no negative preconceived ideas of the veterinary practice or, even better, enjoys being with us, it makes checkups and performing tests much easier for us. A stressed-out pet releases certain hormones into their blood, which can directly or indirectly cause false results to be interpreted. By introducing your pet to the veterinary practice early, together, we can make the veterinary experience as pleasant as possible for both you and your pet. 


At puppy classes, we perform basic health checks. In these checks, we will assess the development of their whole body to ensure their growth and development is normal, across all their body systems. These can help to provide you with the reassurance that your pet is growing up to be a healthy dog. In addition, you have the opportunity to ask any questions. 

Puppy classes help us get to know your pets. This is important because once we know your pet, we are able to notice any changes in their personality and it allows us to spot any slight changes in their behaviour or stance that could be clinically suggestive of pain or a certain disease. 


Communication with other owners can be a huge benefit to these classes. You are able to share your stories about products, training, new accessories, anything exciting that has happened to you and your new furry friend to other owners. These meetings can be a great place to discuss any concerns you have regarding your puppies development, diet or behaviour should you want to also! You may meet new people to go dog walking with, or make friends who you can continue to socialise your puppies with once they outgrow puppy class. 

Overall, puppy classes are a great way to help develop your puppies’ social and behavioural skills whilst also being a fun trip away from home. We can provide guidance to owners throughout the developmental stages, helping to increase our chances of keeping our pets as happy as possible throughout their lifespan.